Romanticism In John Keats

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In the dictionary, romanticism is defined as a movement in the arts and literature that originated in the late 18th century, emphasizing inspiration, subjectivity, and the primacy of the individual. Characteristics of romanticism are: interest in the common man and childhood, awe of nature and the importance of imagination. Usually when we hear the word romanticism we automatically think that it has something to do with being romantic. With poetry, the writers use Romanticism as way of expressing their feelings and emotions using the gift of the nature that surrounds us. John Keats’s odes are especially known for romanticism specifically his most famous ode, Ode to a Nightingale. In this poem Keats reveals how miserable he is with his life and uses his mind to breakaway to a perfect place. When his plan turns out to be disheartening he comes back to the real world with an altered outlook on life.
At the start of this poem, the narrator, or John Keats, is listening to the nightingale sing. As he listens, he becomes aware that the bird is imperishable unlike the life of humans. “Here...
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