Romanticism In American Politics, Philosophy, And Art

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Romanticism began in the mid-18th century; Romanticism focuses on the individual and preaches finding truth. Romanticism is an artistic movement and which characterized by individual boldness, emotion, and a deeper understanding of civilization and humanity. During the Romanticism period nature was considered powerful, changing constantly, and there was a profound belief that there are endless possibilities for mankind to change the world. Romanticism allowed artistic freedom, experimentation, and creativity. These reactions allowed the scientific rationalization of nature, which then allowed the visual arts, music, and literature. Romanticism became popular in American politics, philosophy and art. The movement affected the revolutionary spirit of those who wanted to break free …show more content…

Many artists and philosophers of the romantic period emphasized the glory and beauty of nature. Reasons for the development of this strong connection between nature and romanticism include the Industrial Revolution, many people went to rural areas and started living in cities, separated from the natural world. Many romanticist artists, writers, and philosophers believe natural world as a source of healthy emotions and ideas by basing their works, ideas, pieces on this idea. Many even believed that humans were meant to live in the world of nature, rather than the urban world. Romanticism art showed aspects of sensibility, love of nature; interest in the past, individualism and romanticism criticism. Focused on emotions and personals, individual perception and freedom, the idea that people must choose their own life, break established rules and boundaries. Many people during the time stared to realize that acts of disobedience are one of the necessary steps for the human evolution and growth because of the artists, writers, and

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