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When becoming an expert at Roman Mythology you need to know when it began, when it got big how it ended. Also need to know a little of Greek Mythology. For when people mention mythology the first thing that comes to mind is Greek Mythology which comes Zeus and the Olympian Gods. Also like Perseus who had slayed the hydra. Which soon Religion became big in Rome. In which they had to get from Greek because they thought that the Greek gods where big but need new names that would be neat in their eyes. Philip Matyszak a person who described myth simply as “the ancient’s view of the world.” The myths often appeared as simple stories filled with villains and heroes. Which the people would see as themselves that’s why the people believed that they…show more content…
Also in Roman Mythology the difference between history and myths was almost indistinguishable. The names for which was changed was Zeus was changed to Jupiter whereas Hades and Poseidon became Pluto and Neptune. Ares the God of War became Mars and Hermes the messenger god became Mercury and Hercules renamed as the hero the Romans and what we know today as Hercules. Also Aphrodite became Venus but also the Romans believe that their Gods were associated with the Greek gods which they explain in some of their…show more content…
What they found at Rome is chiefly only a pseudo mythology “(which in due course clothed their own nationalistic or their own family legends in a mythical dress borrowed from the Greek).” Also nor did the Roman religion have a creed; provided that a Roman performed the right religious action he was free to think he liked about god. Having no creed he usually deprecated emotion an out place in acts of worship. In spite of the antique feature not far from the surface it is difficult to reconstruct the history and the evolution of the Roman religion. The literary source antiquarians such as the 1st century BC Roman scholars Varro and Verrius Floccus and the poet who were also their contemporaries (under the late republic and Augustu) who had wrote 700 and 800 year after the beginning of

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