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The diverse age of Rock and Roll existed concurrently with the movement to grant civil rights to African Americans in the establishment of a new genre of music. When it first became known, with its wild sound and influence over a younger audience that involved sex, drugs, and a social change from past norms, white, religious, middle class and elderly groups interpreted it as a risqué and obscene music genre. Adults mainly disapproved of Rock and Roll’s sexual lyrics and its performers with the rebellious attitudes it created, and that it originated from African American culture. In most cases, parents disliked white youth listening to “black sounding” music and attending concerts where half the audience and artists were black. Changing racial attitudes and the popularity of Rock and Roll music encouraged American white racial barriers to be threatened by white and black teenagers. It further spread by the appeal of Rock and Roll songs to younger audiences, gaining ever-escalating popularity. As Glenn Altschuler, an acclaimed author and professor at Cornell University, quotes, “rock ‘n’ roll nonetheless provided a fresh perspective, celebrating leisure, romance, and sex, deriding deferred gratification… and delighting in the separate world of the teenager” . The rapid success of Rock and Roll spread from teenagers promoting up and coming artists, whether they were black or white, causing segregation to slowly dissipate and integration to come into play. This switch from previous lifestyles and behaviors of the 1950s to different and more relaxed attitudes about lifestyles and behaviors came in great part from the huge contrast in styles of music, both vocal and instrumental. Rock and Roll was ultimately controversial due to black a... ... middle of paper ... ...nfluence and sexiness compared to other musicians of his day and age. The distinguished artists of the Rock and Roll generation brought forth innovative music, style, and influences, in turn constructing a new genre of acclaimed sound. Rock and Roll was conjointly the birth of mixing black and white sound and the availability of the radio in cars and in homes allowed it to do so. Additionally, teenagers across the nation prompted Rock and Roll’s popularity and pushed it to become one of the most beloved and controversial music sounds, with adult audiences argumentative towards the message it perceived. Chiefly, Rock and Roll was a sound that brought together youth and different races, even with the disagreement of white elderly groups, remaining through its importance and emphasis of new music, in return becoming one of the most famous genres in music history.

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