Robin Yount and George Brett Achieve 3000 Hits

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Robin Yount and George Brett Achieve 3000 Hits Robin Yount and George Brett both began thier careers in 1974, Yount as a 18 year old rookie with the Milwaukee Brewers, and Brett as a 20 year old rookie with the Kansas City Royals. Little did anyone know how good of players they would become, and the milestones they would achieve in thier astonishing careers. The one achievement which makes both of these players a cinch for the Hall of Fame is the feet that they both reached in the 1992 season. That achievement was getting their 3000th career hit. Yount got his 3000th hit with a single on Sept. 9, 1992. When getting the hit he became only the 17th player in history to reach that milestone. Although the Brewers went on to lose the game, Yount will never gorget that glorious day in his career. After the game, during the post game interviews with the media, Yount was as suttle as he has been throughout his entire career. He was not as thrilled as most people would think, because the Brewers lost the game. Even after reaching that milestone his Hall of Fame credentials were questioned by the media. The one fact that is pionted out most oftern is the fact that his .287 lifetime batting average is second lowest in the 3000 hit club. Only Carl Yastremsky, whose lifetime average was .285, is lower. They are also quick to point out he went to only 3 all-star games in his 19 year career, and he has never veen considered one of the games best players. But one sports writer says that: "Yount's hit total is enough on it's own to qualify him for the Hall." (Kurkjian p.48) Critics are quick to call his longeviy a negative toward his chase to the Hall of Fame, but Yount who turned 37 on Sept. 16, 1993, is the third youngest to reach 3000 hits. Only Ty Cobb who was 34, and Henry Aaron who was 36 were younger when they reached the 3000 hit plateau. Yount not only collected 3000 hits over his career, but he also has more extra base hits than hall of famers Duke Snider who had 850, and Joe Cronin who had 804 in his career. Yount has collected two Most Valuabel Player Awards, at two different positions. He received the first one in 1982, perhaps his best season as a professional.

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