Robert Frost

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Robert Frost

Robert Frost is one of the few twentieth century poets to receive critical acclaim and popular acceptance (Magill 728). His simplistic style appeals to the novice and expert poetry reader alike. Robert Frost's understated emotional appeal attracts readers of all literary levels. Frost develops subtly stated emotions and a clever use of imagery in his poetry. Influences on his poetry include his family, work, and other life experiences (Oxford 267). Frost also works to develop iambic pentameter using simple language, in an attempt to effectively portray the New England lifestyle (Magill 723). Frost successfully blends classic poetry and a modern simplicity to create a new generation of poetry lovers.

Frost's poetry is greatly influenced by his life experiences. To understand his poetry, it seems necessary to understand the man himself. Ironically enough, the famed New England poet is born on the West Coast and named for a Confederate general. Robert Lee Frost is born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco. He is the first child of Isabelle and William Prescott Frost Jr. (Oxford 267). His father dies when he is eleven, prompting him to move to Lawrence, MA to live with his grandparents. Although he seems bright, young Frost dislikes academics and drops out of school in each of his first three years (Poirier). Frost eventually graduates second in his high school class and attends, and later teaches at prestigious colleges and universities, such as Dartmouth and Harvard (Oxford 269). However, unwilling to commit his life solely to academic pursuits, Frost seeks a simpler lifestyle, working at such jobs as bobbin boy at a mill, making shoes, editing, teaching, and farming (Oxford 267). This craftsmanship...

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