Risk Management Director Case Study

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1. Career Risk Management Director 2. Job Description According to the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) (2012), Management Directors are responsible in counseling the hospital staff on many implementations that improve the quality of services provided by the hospital. They recognize possible risks that could possibly harm their organization and then try to find solutions. Risk Management Directors are responsible to administer and supervise the risk of the organization as a whole; physicians, nurses, patients, and all the hospital residents in general. Their job is not limited in only one sector of the hospital. However, they are responsible in a variety of areas, such as the Informational Technology department, Business…show more content…
Also, a master’s degree in a related field is required. A master’s degree in nursing (MRN) is preferable. (University Alliance, 2014). On the experience level, risk management director position requires at least five years experience in clinical or four years experience in quality management. According to Firedman and Kovner, in order to become a risk management director a certified licensure is a must. Licensure may vary by state and whoever wants to be involved in risk management they should be aware of the licensure regulations (2013). Pixler stated in his article Health Care Team examples of professional organizations that provide certification. These organizations are; Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management (CPHRM), Associate in Risk Management (ARM), Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ), and America Hospitals Association (AHA)…show more content…
As long as healthcare organizations are dedicated to identify and solve threats, risk management will continue to grow (2014). 7. Career Path In order to become a risk manager you have to get your bachelors first, then follow it with master’s degree in business administration, finance or any similar major. In addition to the bachelor’s degree to become a risk manager should be certified or licensed from a healthcare related organization. A risk manager needs an experience of at least four to five years in either business or finance. Specific personal and computer skills should be developed as well, such as great organizational and communication skills, highly detailed oriented, multitasking, software’s, and spreadsheets. 8. Why you selected this

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