Rise Of Social Movement

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The rise of social movements since the 1960s was not just a coincidence. Institutions and interest groups’ are pre-existent on what has happened throughout history. These historical events have helped defined politics. Social movements and the power of protesting plays a vital role in helping the world become a better place and solving post-materialism issues. These movements impact the governments’ to change how they define politics and amend legislation as well as raise awareness. As time progresses and states learn from the injustice of the past, the world can have a better tomorrow. I put forth the argument that the rise of social movements is due to moving from materialism issues to post-materialism issues, which has impacted politics immensely. Post-materialism “describes the degree to which a society places immaterial life-goals such as personal development and self-esteem above material security.” (Thurik, R & Uhlaner, L, 2004: 2) It is evident that the rise of social movements from materialism issues to post-materialism issues is because of historical events, social networking and globalization. Social movements are created by groups that are advocating for change that the government is not acknowledging in elections or dealing with when in power. Protests, institutions and interest groups that advocate for post-materialism issues such as equality, gay and woman rights and animal liberation benefit from historical events. When looking at the history of politics it is clear that there have been many encounters of injustice, inequality and imperialism. Suri further states: “The claims of the international counterculture were not unique. Many of the criticisms of patriarchy, racism, injustice, and imperialism that they voi... ... middle of paper ... ...utionalize while others slowly fade away as they did not have as big of an impact. It is interesting to think how we would define the world and politics today if there were no social movements. Would states be on a better path to achieving equality than they were when slavery existed and people were considered nothing but a chattel to another white person? As social movements continue to rise and allowing the power of protest to exist, it is defining the true meaning of democracy. How the government defines politics needs to change in order for a better future to exist for all beings. Social movements help re-define politics in a post-materialism view. Still today, and with the rise of social movements since the 1960s the world is not where it should be. It is evident that social movements will continue to rise until peace and prosperity is achieved for all beings.

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