Rights of Life

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INTRODUCTION Over the last few decades, the protection of human rights has increased significantly and becomes the most challenge for the organizations of human rights. It occupies not only the specialist but a public as a whole public all over the world. The United Nation defined the human rights as ’’rights underlying to all human beings, regardless of place of residence, sex, our nationality or ethnic origin, , religion, colour language, or any other status. people are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible . In addition to the definition of human rights, There are three main convention for protecting human rights. Firstly, the European convention on human rights, it is the oldest and the first comprehensive human rights treaty in the world because it was adopted in 1950 in Rome and entered into force in 1953. Moreover, the European convention established the first international court in the world. The second convention is that the Inter-Americans convention on human rights, which was signed in 1969 in San Jon in Costa Rica. It is also known as the pact of San Jon where it was adopted. In spite of the adoption of the Inter-Americans convention was in 1969, it did not came into force until 1978 when it was ratified by eleventh members. The concept of this convention appeared in the 1960s when torture, forced disappearances and dictators dominated central and south America . Finally, the African charter on human rights which seems to be the newest convention for protecting the human rights because it drafted in 1981 and entered into force five years later. Recently the African charter on human rights is known as the African... ... middle of paper ... ...IN CONCLISON To sum up, As has been clearly described, there are some possible differences between the three regional systems for protecting human rights on protecting the rights of life and the human dignity. It is clear that the differences between these systems may due to the differences in traditions and culture which play an active role in the prohibition of some punishment or allow some penalties such as traditional Islamic culture which allows some punishment and bans another action. However, The protection of human rights in the three regional systems does not achieve the objective which all people want. The states must cooperate with the organizations of human rights and help them to protect human rights not only in Europe of America but all over the world and the human rights systems must impose tough sanctions on countries which violate human rights.

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