Review of Stephanie Meyer's Book, New Moon

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New Moon The title of the book that I recently read was New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. New Moon is the sequel to Twilight. I loved this book because it was a great fantasy, mystery, romance with action. This book just hooks you in immediately. While your reading this you’ll read about vampires, werewolves, feuds, and heartbreak so get ready. Where? The story takes place in the small rainy town of Forks, Washington. Forks is very green with a big forest, and the town is almost always under constant cover of clouds and rain. The Cullen’s house is right on the outside of town, it’s a big beautiful house surrounded by forest. Now Lapush is were the Quiluliete’s live, its right next to the coast with forest by it too. Jacobs house is a small red house that kinda looks like a barn. Charlie’s house is normal size but its also were Bella lives, its nice and quite there. Lets start with our main chick Bella, she’s nice, smart, shy, beautiful, very clumsy, she’s in love with a vampire and her best friends a werewolf. Bella must be a easy person to love because Edward, Jacob and more guys who live in Forks are in love with her. Edward Cullen, he’s Bella’s sweet, handsome, smart, nice, strong vampire who she loves. Edward loves Bella more than anything in the world and shows it by keeping him self under control by not killing her(even if her blood dose sing for him).He would do anything to keep her safe even if that meant that he couldn’t be with her. Now the hottie Jacob Black a.k.a Jake. He’s funny, dangerous, a bad boy, and Bella’s best friend. Remember how I said he was a hottie he’s handsome but he also runs a temperature of 108° cause he’s a werewolf. Jake is in love with Bella, but Bella only thinks of him as the brother she neve... ... middle of paper ... ...her back. The Cullens moved back to Forks and Edward and Bella were still undeniably in love as if nothing ever happened. The only person who wasn’t happy was Jacob, because having Edward back in town it was going to be a lot harder to win Bella’s heart over. I think that the books message was to always expect the unexpected because a lot of things were so unexpected. I absolutely loved this book. All the mysterious characters made it so much better.. I think anyone who can read would absolutely love this book. It was a skimpily amazing mystery, fantasy, romance, action book. So do you think New Moon sounds good? You’ve heard my review of it now so I think you should read it and make your own review. So remember New Moon by Stephanie Meyer, and it’d recommend reading the whole series 1.Twilight 2.New Moon 3.Eclipse 4.Breaking Dawn. Do you want to read them?

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