Restoring the Everglades National Park

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The Everglades national park is one of the largest American national parks that cover 1,506,539 acres of saw grass marshes, tropical hardwood hammocks, pine rock lands, mangrove forests, fresh water lakes, saltwater and fresh water marshes. The Everglades is home to many rare, threatened and endangered species. According to (UNESCO World Heritage Convention, 2011) “These include the Florida panther, snail kite, alligator, crocodile, and manatee.” The Everglades is also home to many different species of birds and reptiles.

According to (UNESCO World Heritage Convention, 2011) “The Everglades protect 800 species of land and water vertebrates, including over 14 threatened species, and 25 mammals, over 400 bird species, 60 known species of reptile, amphibian and insect, including two threatened swallowtail butterfly species.” There are also many different species of snakes including the indigo snake. Songbirds and many other birds that are migrating that come to the Everglades in the fall to rest upon the islands.

The human intrusions that threaten the everglades the most are the water channels that have interrupted the natural flow of the water. According to (Park Vision, 2008) “in the 1900’s the Governor Napolean Bonaparte Broward based his campaigns on the promises to drain the wetlands.” The waters flowing south from the Lake Okeechobee have been diverted to form the Miami Canal. According to (Park Vision, 2008) “A dam on the south rim of the lake itself was completed in 1930. Later, the Tamiami Trail road which runs east and west through the Everglades was completed, interrupting the flow of water to the south.” This has caused a major decline in many species that live in the Everglades.

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