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Local Area Network is a computer network connecting computers within a small area or places. LAN size is limited to a few kilometres. More than one LAN can be connected to one another by using telephone lines or through radio waves. LAN has higher data transfer rates.

LAN is built in with inexpensive hardware such as Ethernet cables, network adapters and hubs. Special operating system is also be used to configure LAN. Microsoft Windows provide software package called Internet Connection Sharing(ICS) that support controlled access to LAN resources. IP “class A” LAN can accommodate more than 16 million devices organized into subnets.

LAN are distinguished from others type of networks by its transmission media and topology. Common topology used by LAN is ring, star and bus topology.

LAN party – Is a multiplayer gaming event where participants will bring their own computers and build temporary LAN.

Example: A small LAN can have exactly two computers.
A large LAN can accommodate thousands of computers.
LAN divided into logical groups called subnets.

LAN is divided by two: wired LAN and wireless LAN.
The differences in terms of: - the medium impacts the design.
- stations are mobile.
- different MAC.
- wireless LAN is cheaper to install and maintain.
Single Building LAN Multiple Building LAN

What is use of LAN?
LAN is used to share resources such as files, printers, games and other application between clients and also...

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... and satellite office, or use robust password.
Example of LAN technologies are Ethernet, Token Ring and FDDI.
LAN has high performance designed to satisfy requirements of both closely knit multi-computer systems and communities of users spread across large campus area.
LAN has limited area because of it small coverage. The area is including home, school, computer laboratory or office building.
LAN can handle so much traffic but it will starts to slow down for temporarily.
LAN have a lot of advantages that makes it good enough as a network even though it coverage is just within a small area or place.


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