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Inclusion is a type of teaching that is being researched by many school districts across the country. It is the act of combining special education students in a regular classroom environment. Inclusion is a very controversial topic when it comes to the education of children, both regular and special education students. There are many beliefs in the welfare of all students and their ability to learn and function together. This belief has put a damper on school districts adopting the program of full inclusion. People feel that this will cause problems in the classroom for both general education and special education students. They feel that it will be a distraction for all students and that it will harm both their education and their emotional development. The articles that follow show that inclusion is extremely beneficial for all students and that the popular belief and the stereo-types given for full inclusion are not entirely right.

The first article, “Full Inclusion, Dream or Reality,” (1995) focused on the passage of the Individuals with Disabilities Act which has had a major impact on the educational rights of all children, specifically children with disabilities. This act ensures that all children have equal rights to education, where these children can expand their knowledge and become educated with the least restriction. Special Education students will be able to be in a classroom with students their age regardless of their skill level or type of disability. This full inclusive setting will allow students to develop socially as well. The students are now able to associate with many different groups of people then if they were segregated in their classroom. These social interactions will p...

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...ver, or many people might turn to full inclusion as more research comes out.


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