Research Into the Ownership and Distribution of Guns

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While the political topics most often discussed in the media over the past several years have been about the economy and wars on terror, gun control is still a major issue that is still being debated in Washington. Some congressmen, usually of the liberal persuasion, advocate stricter gun laws that would limit the number of guns on the street and their availability to the public. Other congressmen, usually of the conservative variety, advocate more relaxed gun laws that would increase public access to guns. The arguments over whether or not gun laws should be written to constrict gun sales or enhance gun sales often leads to discussion of the constitution, not only because of its precedence over all other laws and the connotations of claiming a proposal is unconstitutional (and hence clearly un-American,) but because the second amendment exists to guarantee citizens the right to keep and bear arms. Debates over specifics on gun control are superfluous for one simple reason: everyone should have a gun. The statement that everyone should have a gun may appear radical at first but can be justified with careful explanation of the following items. Firstly, everyone should not only have a gun but should be trained in how to use a gun properly. Secondly, everyone should not only have a gun but carry a gun with them publicly. Thirdly, the guns that everyone carries should have no limitations in strength beyond those that are required for safe operation. Fourthly, public protection is not adequately provided within the current system. While there are several other topics that could be discussed, the topics chosen demonstrate the argument. The first consideration, that everyone be trained properly, would require educational reform, but... ... middle of paper ... ...ry Analysis Network, 23 Apr. 2000. Web. 14 July 2011. "Police Officer to Population Ratios Bureau of Justice Statistics Data." International Association of Chiefs of Police. Web. 14 July 2011. United States. Department of Justice. CAROLYN WARREN, ET AL., APPELLANTS, v. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, ET AL., APPELLEES; WILFRED NICHOL, APPELLANT, v. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT, ET AL., APPELLEES. By Joseph M. Hannon. Guns Alert. Web. 14 July 2011. United States. Department of Justice. Office of Justice Programs. Guns in America: National Survey on Private Ownership and Use of Firearms. By Philip J. Cook and Jens Ludwig. [Washington, DC]: U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice, 1997. Print. United States. National Institute of Justice. The Armed Criminal in America. By James D. Wright. Web. 14 July 2011.
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