Religion In the Media

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Religion In the Media

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Introduction: Religion is widely spread in the media and has

influenced allot of people's views and perceptions of religion in

general. When televisions first started it was expected that most

channels would be hugely influenced by religion and have some form of

religious content. It was also expected that Sunday TV, would be

totally dominated by the main religion of that time Christianity.

However as time has gone on the amount and type of religious

programmes on Sunday have changed. Even though there is still

Christian programmes such as 'songs of praise' still running Sunday TV

has adapted to the country's multi faith society and screen things

such as the 'god slot' where documentary's from different faiths are

screened each week. Even though Britain is multi faith a large

percentage of them consider themselves vaguely religious. This has

influenced the time that some religious programmes have been screened,

for example some religious programmes have been screened in prime time

purposely so that they could target people who call themselves vaguely

religious that they might stumble upon the programme. There are many

types of religious programmes that are now screened such as worship

and magazine programmes, religious documentaries and soaps and dramas.

Religious TV Programmes: BBC and ITV set aside worship and magazine

programmes for Sundays mornings. The worship is aimed at regular

church goers who call themselves Christians and the magazine

programmes are aimed at a wider audience because it has a variety of

items on the show for different age groups and

Magazine programmes: BBC i...

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...also made fun of religious cults and movements such as the

Mormons. In this episode the Simpsons have been brainwashed by the

'movement Arians' and are forced to give away all their possessions.

Eastenders: is a soap opera that is not centred on religion and does

not have many religious characters. A character that is religion is

Dot Cotton, she regular makes references about her religion and more

recently when she caught cancer she keeps repeating 'that the lord

will take her through' Dots life is let by her religious beliefs and

she believes that anyone who does not have religious morals has

something wrong with them. Eastenders have chosen to make Dot

religious out of the whole cast because they are trying to portray how

religion is not seen as a popular thing for the younger generation but

a thing for old people.

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