Relationship Between Tom And Daisy In The Great Gatsby

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Daisy was in love with Gatsby, and knew she wanted to be with him but she went ahead and hurt herself and Gatsby by staying with her husband. She stayed with Tom because it looked better for her image, not because her feelings for Tom were stronger than those for Gatsby. This going to show how people are willing to jeopardize their own happiness for the sake of making themselves look better in the eyes of others. It would be nice if wealth could fulfil all of lives pleasures and solve all of your problems, but this is not the case nor will it ever be. If there are issues surrounding your life wether that being relationships, mental illness, whatever the case may be those issues will not disappear just because you have money. Tom and Daisy …show more content…

Despite having money the relationship between the two is unhealthy at best. Tom is having an affair with Myrtle Wilson, which Daisy is aware of, and Daisy is having an affair with Gatsby which Tom is aware of. The two are not fully happy with the life they have together so they result to affairs with other people, but the two refuse to leave each other due to their status in the town. By living a wealthy, upper hand lifestyle, you are not always safe and guaranteed a long happy life. Gatsby was the wealthiest man in town and yet he died at a very young age, he got himself into a situation that led him to be murdered. When Gatsby and Daisy were returning from town Daisy struck Myrtle with Gatsby’s car causing Myrtle’s death, the next day Tom informed George that Gatsby was the driver of the car that killed his wife. George immediately jumped to the conclusion that Gatsby was the man Myrtle was having an affair with which lead him to go to Gatsby’s house and shoot him dead in his pool, then killing himself. Sometimes throughout your life despite being wealthy or not wealthy you take actions and come in contact with people who will jeopardize your life. Some believe that people who are wealthy are considered to view their lives as better

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