Reggae Music History

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When looking at the evolution of the Reggae genre of music, there is a lot more than people think that contributed to its popularity. The most common reference among today’s generation and the Reggae music is undoubtedly, Bob Marley. Although, he really brought this genre of music to the forefront and made it as popular as we know it today, people do not full understand the history of this music and what it evolved from. The evolution of Reggae is contributable to the evolution of the recording studios, primarily in Jamaica at the time. The local Rastafarians, who pioneered and perfected this sound, started this music. Of course, because Jamaica was a British territory at the time, and given its proximity to the United States; there was an influence of American Jazz and Blues on Jamaica. Without getting into too much history of the evolution of Jamaica, it is important to understand that this transition, and their finding an identity, had a lot to do with the type of music they produced and the evolution of their recording systems and businesses. In Jamaica, as the culture changed so rapidly, the type of music did too, and eventually the people began to create Reggae, and not long after that, they were hooked, and had formed a world identity through their music.
When taking the first glance at the Jamaican music industry, it is only right to start with Ken Khouri. The story of Mr. Khouri is an interesting one, as he was influenced by the United States selling of records, and record players. He was in Florida, as his dad was seeking medical attention there, when he purchased his first record and record player. Ken Khouri states what happened after his purchase and what his “first recording was with Lord Flea, Where Did the Littl...

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... Then I believe that Bob Marley and his band really put Jamaican music on the map because of their instant success and popularity. This is logical as to why he is seen as the face of Jamaican music, which he should be, but Ken Khouri deserves the same amount of respect for starting music in Jamaica, because without him, there may have never been the technology to have Bob Marley, or any other Jamaican band recorded, and heard by the world.
After all is said and done, the connection between Jamaica's identity and their music industry is tied together by the discovery of the record studio. Some may wonder whether Jamaica would ever be the same if there have never been this discovery. I for one do not think that Jamaica would have been the same, because this music gave the people of Jamaica an identity, and it is something that I am sure they are forever grateful for.

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