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Personality Personality is what makes a boy, girl, man or women unique. Everyone in the world has different personalities whether it be positive or negative. Some individuals are not too fond of other people, so maybe they won’t have the best personality. This term comes derives from the Latin “persona” meaning mask. This relates back to centuries ago in ancient Greece when actors portrayed personalities of their role, they wore masks (wordpress 1). Personality is a fusion of feelings, thoughts, social interactions and behavior patterns that occur over time and situations. Personalities vary from introverted to extroverted or shy to outgoing. Everyone is different in their own way. Physically, terms like height, weight, voice and color are…show more content…
Personality is what makes us who we are and how we act, it is vital to our overall wellbeing as humans. Undoubtedly, we all make judgments about personality whether we know about a person or don’t. If a person is walking around, not smiling sometimes leads to the assumption that they might not be the nicest person. Who knows, he or she could have the kindest personality in the world but we would never know that. I have been judged based on my personality. I am a happy girl who just wants to make someone’s day. The thing that gets people is that I am so shy, so it may seem like I have a stuck up personality but that is not the case. There is no solid definition for personality because of the all the debates about the word,…show more content…
In this way we all make personality judgments about the people we know. A major part of coming to understand ourselves is developing a sense of what our personality characteristics are. We even form impressions about personalities of people we do not know, but have only read about. As we shall see, these everyday uses of the term are quite different from the meaning psychologists give to the term personality. They used the five factors which are conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion, neuroticism and openness. Modern psychologists have found that the size of numerous brain parts are connected to different personality traits. This has started varied theories on how the brain is connected to our brain. There are numerous theories that influence personality. Two things to consider when it deals with personality is the interaction of nature and nurture. Nature involves biology and genetics influence. Nurture involves the influences of the environment and the way people are brought up in the world. Personality trait theories are biologically based according to some, other have different opinion. One of the most famous theories come from Sigmund Freud. Freud had psychodynamic perspectives like consciousness, unconsciousness and precociousness. Consciousness is whatever are thought process is at that moment. Precociousness

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