Reflection Of Advanced Teaching Methodology

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VIETNAM NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HO CHI MINH CITY UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES MASTER OF TESOL 2016B Advanced Teaching Methodology REFLECTION Instructor:Nguyễn Thu Hương, PhD. Student : Phan Thị Kim Yến After six weeks I’ve learnt a lot of things from this subject. In the first part I’ll summarize the main points of the lessons and in the second part I will go into detail some extents I find interesting. There are a lot of things need to be covered in this summary so I will present one by one. Firstly, the teacher roles and students roles are discussed thoroughly.It’s essential for teacher to be aware of their roles in the classroom such as controller, prompter, participant, resource or tutor. Teachers also need to know when and what to do with each role. Besides, teachers should view the learners from different angles so that…show more content…
After doing reflection exercise in the hand out, I can reflect our own ways to motivate my students and we will try to apply some things I haven’t tried before such as bring the humor and laughter or invite native speakers to my classes. Besides such interesting information above, I can distinguish these terms such as method, technique or approach.While approach is a set of correlative assumptions dealing with the nature of language teaching and learning, method is an overall plan for orderly presentation of language material, based on a selected approach. Technique is particular trick, stratagem or contrivance used to accomplish an immediate objective .Moreover, from Anthony’s proposal , Richards & Rodgers (2001) suggested three terms approach , design, procedure , which I need to take into consider. This lesson also review some popular methods of teaching and introduce some new methods I haven’t learnt such as TPR, CLILL, TBL. This is really an informative
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