Reflection Of A Graduation Speech For High School

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In front of me, I see a fragment of my generation who have moved through the rungs of each year, from the first day of school, to finally the last. I appreciate everyone that has attended today, thus I’ll grace you with a brief -ish speech. Before I begin rambling, I want to thank the principal and his supporting staff for this school, the teachers and their dedication, the parents for their fruitful and exhausting efforts and most of all my peers that used this opportunity in education and stuck through to the closing moments. Thank you.
This isn’t the first speech that I prepared on my home computer nearing midnight, with the sound of my kitchen clock reminding me that times still ticking. I originally thought I could stand in front of all
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We didn’t know Mr Riley’s speeches could last so long, that twenty-one could be the solution to numerous maths questions. We didn’t know that on Friday parades I could murder countless names, and I didn’t know that I would fall for a girl. My point stands that when this venture begun it stood unknown to us what might occur in our time here; yet an entire collection of inside jokes was made, relationships formed and unachievable grades achieved. Our time here has taught us much and a lot of of us will leave matured, and some of us I’m not so certain…show more content…
We will wake up and think ‘I’m late for school…’ before realising that there isn’t any school! After school some of us will celebrate the end and move on, while others will be completely confused with what to do with their time – there is only so many parties to attend, movies to watch and chocolate one can eat. It’s up to us to develop routine with the time management skills we were taught… I hope everybody listened to their teachers. Can’t say I’m the best in that department, might listen to a person such as our very own school captain Sophie Stenner for that

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