Redneck And Modern Day Stereotypes

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Rednecks have been around for centuries, but what is a redneck? In today’s terminology, redneck is used as an insult towards many southerners. Originally, redneck was used to describe someone who has been outside working all day, and has developed sunburn on their neck. Due to modern day stereotypes, the word redneck has become an insult rather than a way to describe a hard worker. Through research and personal accounts, the history of the word redneck can be examined, the comparison of the “modern day” redneck and the old meaning, and the way it impacts certain groups, can be used to demolish modern day stereotypes. The word redneck should return to its original form and should not be used as an insult toward southerners. Since the early 1800’s, the term redneck has been used to describe someone who has been in the sun all day. Towards the 1970’s the term redneck had begun to be used more as a compliment rather that an insult. Marshall explains this, “In the 1970s, being ‘redneck’ became fashionable, and the term redneck chic, which seems to have little to do with outwardly disparaging race or class, was born” (Marshall). Towards the 1980s is when the term redneck started to be used more as a derogatory term rather than a term used to describe a hard worker. It was also towards this time when redneck had taken its sour turn towards becoming a …show more content…

Marshall writes, “These are the ‘rednecks’ who frosted their hair and wore camouflage…” (Marshall). T.V. shows like these praise the wealthy, non-educated rednecks who makes the rest of the south look bad by glorifying their ignorance. The show Rocket City Rednecks is another example of society using one’s culture to entertain the public by subliminally making fun of their background. Rocket City Rednecks was filmed in one of the cities that I grew up in and with personal experience I can assure you that the city it was filmed in was not full of

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