Reading In Toni Morrison's Beloved

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Reading is a task people always dread from some time to another. In order to make reading a little more bearable, there are certain types of ways to read, and different skills to help out. I would be considered a person who reads to understand. There are also certain tips use to help me read, and some that I could definitely start using to improve my skills. Reading to understand means that I use my common knowledge and experiences to help me understand the text. Although I am not the smartest person in the world, I know at least a little something that can be applied to my reading pattern. For about every paragraph I read in a book, I have some random quote, or quite often a hilarious memory in the back of my mind. For instance, everytime the topic of slavery is mentioned in the book Beloved by Toni Morrison, I always think of history classes and what I have learned that relates to the text. When it comes to reading in general however, I annotate quite often. According to the passage, "Annotating as you read is a powerful method for making sure you have something relevant to say about a given text" Making little comments about what I read helps me to remember what has happened. I …show more content…

I have always had a type of sweet spot for color in my notes, but I do not highlight that often. I believe that if I started, it might help out a little. When I associate colors with what I write down, it also helps me to remember. Maybe that would suffice as another technique to assist my skills. When it comes to vocabulary, I am not that great. If I see a word I do not know, I use context clues to try to figure it out. However, if I can not figure it out, I honestly just skip over it. I suppose that could really be a problem at some point. I guess a dictionary should now be glued to my hand so it can sit there and haunt me. Then maybe I will do what I know I need to

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