Rates Of Reaction Investigation

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Rates Of Reaction Investigation


This experiment is planned to investigate the rate of reaction when

mixing Copper sulphate (CuSO4) with Zinc powder (Zn). My plan is to

see what happens before, during and after the reaction takes place.

I will need the following equipment to carry out this investigation:

Ø A 50ml marked measuring tube

Ø A digital precision scale

Ø 600ml of copper sulphate

Ø A digital thermometer

Ø A pot of Zinc powder

Ø A sandpaper (to sand the Copper sulphate off the thermometer)

Ø A pen and a paper (to record results.)

Ø A beaker (to mix the elements)

Ø A stirring stick

For the first preliminary results chart, the variable will be the

amount of Zinc powder but the copper sulphate solution will be 30 ml.


In order to get satisfactory results out of this experiment, you'll

have to follow carefully the step-by-step instructions:

i. Put a light plastic recipient on a digital precision scale.

ii. Reset the scale to zero.

iii. Put the amount of Zinc powder you need.

iv. If it isn't the desired quantity, then add or subtract some of

the Zinc powder.

v. Once it is done, then measure the amount of copper sulphate in

the 50ml marked measuring tube and adjust the desired amount.

vi. Pour the copper sulphate into the beaker and take its room


vii. Then add the Zinc powder and start stirring.

viii. Leave the thermometer in the glass recipient and record its

highest reached temperature.

ix. Rinse and dry the beaker.

x. Repeat steps 1 to 9.

How I will make it a fair test?

Ø Their must be the same amount of either Zinc or Copper Sulphate

(depending on which I choose to be the constant and which I choose to
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