"Rapid" Ray Lewis

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Raymond Gray “Ray” Lewis was a track and field athlete. He was the first African-Canadian to win a medal at the Olympics, but his life was much more than that. Born in 1910, he faced racism and prejudice for his black heritage, but that didn’t stop him from following his dream. He accomplished various things in his life, and was, and still is, a source of inspiration for many people. Raymond Lewis was born on October 8, 1910 in Hamilton, Ontario. He was the youngest son of Cornelius Lewis and Emma Green. Living in that era, Lewis faced racism in many forms, such as kids his age calling him names, or teachers treating him poorly because of his skin colour. While this may have been upsetting and demotivating for most, for Ray it was actually helpful, as all the negativity just motivated him to do better and work harder. Apart from that, he was also known as “Rapid” Ray Lewis, as he could outrun anyone his age. From that moment, anyone knew that he would outshine his peers in the future. During his high school years, he dominated the track-and-field sport, which was the only sport he was allowed to do. Ray was so good that he even tried out for the 1928 Olympics as a 400meter runner. He came in fourth place, making it into Canada’s team. He didn’t get to compete, however, as a white runner was favoured the place. That didn’t stop him from going to university, and he went to the Milwaukee’s Marquette University in Wisconsin, USA. There, he was able to keep running as part of the Central Relay Team that won the United States National Schoolboy Championships in 1928 and 1929. From there, he was able to be the National Track and Field Champion in 1929. After his university education, he had to go back to Canada to become a porter. When ... ... middle of paper ... ...also built after him as a part of the Canadian Olympic School Program, where Lewis’ career is displayed for everyone to be informed. Lewis, who was born in a time of rejection, shows that you can achieve your dreams if you want to. Even though he faced many road blocks to his career as a runner, he was still highly successful. He tried everything he could to make it happen, and in the end he did. He also showed how wrong people were of thinking that he was incapable because of his background. He completely changed racial barriers for the better in the sport’s world. Sadly, this wonderful person passed away on November 15, 2003, but that doesn’t mean his legacy doesn’t live on. Ray Lewis is an inspiring person who had a huge impact in the world just because of a simple dream, and that shows that everyone is capable of having an impact, if only you follow your dream.
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