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OBJECTIVIES OF STUDY: The present research study proposes to meet the following objectives: 1. To validate the necessity of re-visits/re-tellings of The Ramayana from a gender perspective. 2. To claim the essentiality of Sita in The Ramayana as competent individual and not just as trigger-point in contemporary re-tellings. 3. To study the nature of female sexuality in the retellings of The Ramayana against the original Ramayana. 4. To identify the ideology of subjugation reflected in the visual arts of Ramayana. 5. To study the role of performing arts of Ramayana, from being a driving force in the construction of an ideal female to a validating tool in generating extensive enterprise to change the perspective of the society by developing a…show more content…
Most of socio-cultural and religious traditions in their original form regarded a comparatively low position to woman. Controlled by patriarchy, woman has suffered discrimination, subjugation, otherness either as a lesser being or as a super being. A number of social and literary movements have helped women attain equality and independence. 20th century has witnessed an increasing awareness amongst women about their sexuality, desires, discovery of self-identity and existence. The contemporary writers are striving to provide the desired liberation to women from the socio-cultural confines and the dictatorial myths. In order to achieve gender-equal epics, there has been a resurge in countless revisits/ re-tellings of The Ramayana and Mahabharata. Amish Tripathi, Devdutt Pattanaik, Volga, Kumaran Asan, Vijaya Dabbe, Vayu Naidu and Kavita Kane are some of such authors who have attempted to re-visit/re-tell Ramayana from Sita’s perspective. These writers have emphasized on her humanity, they have perceived her indulging in day-to-day activities, highlighting her involvement in the ordinary works. Sita is portrayed as someone with agency. She is a resourceful woman and an inspiration to other women. She chooses her own actions instead of blindly following someone’s commands. Instead of being a passive character, she actively learns things from different situations and continues to find herself at different phases in her life. The study, for the detailed explication of its hypothesis, would focus on the following as primary

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