Railway Level Crossing

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A level crossing is the point at which the railway crosses over either a public or private road on the same level. There are many different types of level crossings including road level crossings for vehicles, and pedestrian level crossings for people. All crossings have a form of protection, and the users has a responsibility to contribute to the safety of a level crossing. The users should aware the dangerous may occurs at level crossing area. Users are respondsible to keep themselve or others safe during use a level crossing area.
There are three main type of level crossing which is automatic operated level crossing, manual operated level crossing and open level crossing (Great Britian:Department of Transport,2006). Automatic level crossings with or without barrier have road road traffic signal which display a steady amber light for for approximately 3 seconds followed by twin red flashing lights as a train approaches (Great Britian:Department of Transport,2006). Manual operated level crossings have gates or barrier which extend across the full width of the road. Some may have w...

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