Rafe's Impressions in Act Two Scene One of Spring and Portwine

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Rafe's Impressions in Act Two Scene One of Spring and Portwine

This is happening during the time when Rafe and Hilda are in

disagreement over what should be done with the herring Hilda refused

to eat on Friday evening. Prior to this, the family have had a sing

along song. During this time Rafe has been jolly and in good mood. He

actually encourages everyone to join the singing and sings in a

beautiful happy voice. As the family gather to have tea and as events

unravel, a different Rafe come to picture. In this scene Rafe is

authoritative and dictator-like.

His authoritativeness is revealed when he says to Daisy, 'mother have

you forgotten something,' ands she stands up and does as requested. He

is an un-moved character, a dictator so to speak. He wants his word

taken and done. This side of him is shown when he insists that Hilda

must eat the herring no matter what it takes and if she doesn't she

will not from his table until she has done so.

When Daisy finds the herring missing, Rafe takes it into his own hands

to dig deep into the core of the matter. Here Rafe is shown as a very

reasonable person who reasons with sensible understanding and logic.

When Wilfred tries to cheat his way out of trouble by saying that he

drank water just before the family had tea, Rafe with his logical

thinking cannot take it or believe why someone would do that because

it does not make any sense at all. He is obsessed with the truth that

he will dig to the deepest point of the matter to get to the truth.

Here are some quotes that show his obsession with the truth:

* 'Its an inquest into the truth and don't override me.'

* 'I'm going to ask you a question. All I want to know is the


Rafe also seems to be a character who never gives up. No matter how

much Wilfred tries to justify himself and no matter how much the
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