Public Opinion Extraction

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2. Related Work Many of works have been done in the area of public opinion extraction, some works went to find the polarity and others find both polarity and subjectivity. The work has been done for many languages and to serve many of purposes like politics, social services, movie reviews…etc., but unfortunately there is no work has been done for Arabic language. In the following we browsing some of these works: OSVision Opinion Mining [6] is an automatic system which can extract opinions from the Web. The system uses advanced natural language processing algorithms for extracting opinion, the system is supported by machine learning approaches and knowledge representations which enabled to apply it. The author mentioned his system, what the objective from this system. But he didn't declare what are the techniques used and how these techniques worked to perform this work, there are no details, and the work method was ambiguous to me, so it is difficult to benefit from this paper. OPTIMISM [5] an opinion mining system for classification of opinions about related Portuguese political actors. The work passed through several phases as following: Subscribing the newsfeeds associated to the relevant political actors for collecting the concerned data. Developing an ontology of political entities which contains the names of the political actors , their variants ( acronyms), and their roles in the political scope. Create high precision lexico-syntactic rules. Developing a reference corpus, starting by collecting opinion-rich data from the web site of one of the most popularity Portuguese newspapers. Manually the training set expressing positive and negative opinions was chosen, and the residual sentences of the commen... ... middle of paper ... ...May 22-24, 2009, pp. 270-272. [4] J.Froelich, S. Ananyan, D. Olson, The Use of Text Mining to Analyze Public Input, Megaputer Intelligence, 2004. [5] M. Silva, P. Carvalho, L Sarmento, et al. "The Design of OPTIMISM, an Opinion Mining System for Portuguese Politics", New Trends in Artificial Intelligence: Proceedings of EPIA 2009 - Fourteenth Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Universidade de Aveiro, October, 2009, pp. 565-576. [6] OPINION MINING: Automated Opinion Polls and Product Review Surveys, OSVision. [7] Y. Almas, K. Ahmad, “A note on extracting ‘sentiments’ in financial news in English, Arabic & Urdu”, The Second Workshop on Computational Approaches to Arabic Script-based Languages” LSA 2007 Linguistic Institute Stanford University, July 21, 2007. [8] Y. Kuat, M. Saˇsa, " Sentiment Analysis of Movie Review Comments ", 2009.
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