Protestant Reformation Dbq

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The Protestant Reformation was one of the biggest movement in Europe that occurred in the sixteenth century which aimed at revolting at a wide scale against the torture and barbaric control of the Roman Catholic Church. In the Northern and central regions of Europe, people were devoted to bringing reforms in politics and the society. Among these people were Martin Luther, Henry the Eighth, and John Calvin. This was the time when Martin Luther (a German Augustinian monk) presented his ‘ninety-five Thesis’ on October 31 of 1517 at the Wittenberg Church. These 95-thesis served as an invitation to people to express their ideas on the matters at hand. These people challenged the authorities of Catholic Churches. People involved in the movement wanted to extend their hold at the cost of the Church. This movement spread like wildfire. Along with Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia, …show more content…

In 1521, Martin Luther was called before the Imperial Diet of the Roman Empire where he was removed from the communion. In the presence of the elector of Saxony known as Friedrich, Martin recited the Bible in German. He was able to inspire many German peasants, which joined forces with him, and tremendously helped him with the revolt. Luther urged that people should follow the Bible, instead of following the pope. At the end of this revolt, Lutherism had become a state religion, accepted in many states of Germany. The main purpose of Martin Luther to write his thesis was to protest against the selling of indulgences. On the other hand, the Romans full heartedly supported the selling of indulgences, as they considered this as a way to raise

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