Protection In Literature and Life

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Protect (v): to guard or shield from attack or injury. In many pieces of literature, and in many life tales, the concept of protection is a common value. In the ancient Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, Demeter tries to protect her daughter, Persephone, when she is kidnapped by Hades. In the Jewish story of the escape from Egyptian slavery, God sent many plagues to protect his people from the torture of the king. However, people haven’t stopped protecting one another in modern day. In my own life, my sister rushed to my protection when I fell in a small river at the age of two. The first example of protection is very clear in my personal myth, when my sister was my protector. At the ripe old age of two, I fell in a small, 1-foot deep river while playing with my four year old sister, Brianna. As soon as I fell in, Brianna dropped what she was doing and ran over to haul me out of the river by my neck. Once I was out of the river, she was still reluctant to let go of my neck, in fear that I would fall in again. Even though I was probably not going to drown, she still wanted to e...

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