Pros And Consequences Of Human Trafficking

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There’s one key thing that affects many young girls and women across the U.S. and other countries, Human Trafficking. Imagine being in 8th grade. Having all sorts of hopes and dreams. Now flash forward to dreams being taken away by a pimp that lures people into Human Trafficking. This is all true for Holly Austin Smith, a survivor of human trafficking. The laws for punishment for the pimps that ruin the lives of these young girls is not severe. There’s also not a lot of help for the girls after they get rescued from this tragedy. Holly realized that soon on. She explains, “...Although I was soon recognized to be a victim, the specialized aftercare needed for a trafficking victim did not yet exist... Twenty years ago, there were no anti-trafficking…show more content…
This pimp, who raped and lured a child into prostitution, served only 365 days in jail” (Smith). This young girl had recovered from this horrible incident all by herself. Many other girls in her position have gone through the same thing. They’ve been hurt by their pimp and the pimp won’t get much punishment. A sad story repeated across America and is very prominent in other countries. In America, a lot of the times victims are the ones that usually serve time in jail since in some causes it’s considered prostitution, even if it was forced by the pimp. In most cases, the pimps aren’t found out and if the victims of human trafficking come forward as to who their pimp is, they could get killed after serving time in jail. The laws on Human Trafficking should be changed to something that helps the victims like stricter cross-border communication, making prostitution illegal,…show more content…
Some may say well what does Prostitution have to do with Human Trafficking? The two actually go closely hand in hand. Some of the Prostitution is discussed as Human Trafficking. That means Prostitution needs to be more closely regulated. Pimps will force these girls or women to perform the sexual acts taken place in Prostitution and then they take the money given. These pimps don’t tend to get much punishment because the women did the act of prostitution. Alex K. Rich expresses that prostitution needs to be more policed since there are so many loopholes. He goes further to say, “The bulk of the punishment, however, needs to be directed at those who have forced these women into prostitution and controlled them at every turn, namely the pimps and customers. One solution to the problem of prostitution is across-the-board enforcement of laws that prohibit or even criminalize the actions of pimps, customers, and prostitutes while providing rehabilitation opportunities and federal aid for former prostitutes”(Rich). Rich explains a solution that really needs to happen in the United States; laws that are more severe on the pimps and a solution for those affected by the harms of human trafficking. In some states o the U.S. , Prostitution is legal and “regulated”which is a bad thing because most cases of prostitution have a pimp involved. Pimps usually only get one to three years for
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