Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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“The death penalty is popular among politicians and the public in response to the escalating fear of violence. However, capital punishment actually makes the fight against crime more difficult. Executions waste valuable resources that could be applied to more promising efforts to protect the public. Additionally, innocent people are sometimes executed and the brutalizing effect executions have on society may result in more murders. For these reasons, the death penalty should be opposed.” (Morgenthau 14) Although capital punishment may seem like the perfect deterrent it does not lower the crime rate. According to FBI data, states that have abolished the death penalty have homicide rates consistent with or below the national rate.(Diehm) When a criminal is sentenced to the death penalty they are giving the option of Habeas corpus. Appeals of Habeas Corpus currently average nine years and last as long as 17 years, which preludes the death penalty from being an effective deterrent. (Morgenthau 17). The Office of the State Public Defender and the Habeas Corpus Resource Center spend a tot...

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