Prequel To The Monkey's Paw

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Monkey’s Paw Prequel
There was once an old fakir who lived in India. He created something that was called “the monkey’s paw.” The monkey’s paw could grant three wishes. The old fakir saw a man walking by who was just staring at the ground looking at the dirt.. The old fakir said “Would you like to buy this monkey’s paw? It can grant you three wishes.”
The man said “I bet that is some fake thing you just want me to buy so you can be rich.”
The old fakir said “It is real. I would have gave it to you for ten dollars, but now I will give it to you for free. With every good wish, there is some trouble with it. So don’t come back and tell me bad things are happening.”
The man said “Okay fine. I will just take it home and see what this fake thing can do.”
The man went back to his house and sat down on the chair in the dining room staring at the monkey’s paw. He told his wife and daughter about how the old fakir gave him the monkey’s paw and how it granted wishes. The man said to the monkey’s paw “I wish for a million dollars.” One of the monkey’s fingers went down so the man knew he now had two wishes left. The man went into the living room and saw the money on fire by the fire place. …show more content…

The man decided to throw it in the trash can outside. After that, the whole family went to bed. The next morning, a monkey sound was echoing through the house. The man woke up and saw that the monkey’s paw was on his dresser. The monkey’s paw had two fingers still up. The man got his daughter and wife and they saw it too. They all went to the living room and sat on the couch. The man then thought of an idea. He said “I wish for this dumb old monkey’s paw to go away. All of a sudden, the monkey’s paw vanished. The whole family was sitting there in silence. They were surprised that the wish came

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