Prenatal Alcohol Essay

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Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

Thousands of children are born with effects of prenatal exposure to alcohol. Alcohol is very dangerous to the child in the womb. In the U.S, prenatal exposure is the most common reason for birth defects. Alcohol during pregnancy may increase the risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, fetal alcohol syndrome, birth weight, preterm labor, and brain damage.
There are two theories as to why consuming alcohol can cause miscarriage. First, drinking alcohol very early in the pregnancy may cause chromosomal abnormalities in a fetus. Chromosomal abnormalities are one of the most common causes of miscarriages. Second, alcohol may cause prostaglandins to be released. Prostaglandins are enzymes which may play a role in labor. If they release in early stages of pregnancy, the uterus may contract prematurely and miscarriage can occur. Though miscarriage is common in the first trimester of a pregnancy, drinking can also affect baby latter stages of growth, one of the most common being fetal alcohol syndrome. Many couples are surprised to find out that male’s use of alcohol may affect the chances of miscarriage in a pregnancy.
When fetal death occur after 20 weeks its called stillbirth. Unfortunately, in just under a third of cases doctors cannot tell them why their baby died. If doctors aren’t sure what caused a baby’s death it can be discovered by investigation. Not all women agree to the test from the guilt of drinking alcohol during their pregnancy. Certain factors do increase your risk of having stillborn baby alcohol consumption is a main factor. A mother who consumed alcohol during pregnancy is 40% more likely to experience a 70 % elevated risk of stillbirth compared with
Nondrinking mothers. The elevated...

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...mester is very important to not drink it can affect a lot of issues for the baby such as miscarriage. A still birth is also an effect from drinking the baby can be considered bad to the body if the entire toxin from the alcohol gets to the baby and the body will consider it bad. Fetal alcohol syndrome is the most common syndrome in the u.s now it can cause stubbornness and anger issues down the line. Birth weight, is not a big main concern as much as the others. Until the baby is born less than 5lbs it’s a problem. Preterm labor there is a lot of symptom that can pop up before you get that far to prevent preterm labor. The longer the baby is inside the better. Lastly brain damage is heart breaking. The brain is very sensitive to all those toxic put into the mother body that it can eat the baby brain up. It will cause a lot of problems for the baby in the long run.
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