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The Power of Music Listening to music can bring one peace and harmony an escape from the world around them. Beginning in early childhood people are taught the importance of music as a tool. Some have taken it to a new level taking the world of music and using it to heal. Music Therapy is a practice that uses music techniques to assist and motivate a child or adult towards specific non-musical goals such as cognitive, social, communicative and emotional skills. Certified therapists provide treatment through the acts of singing, dancing , and listening to music. This can help an individual learn to communicate and improve their social interaction. Therapist provide emotional support for patients and families, giving them an outlet for expressing their feelings. The information included shows how music therapy can have a positive and a healing effect for patients suffering from many mental ailments, such as depression, autism. Also helping children and infants with their development , as well as developmental delays. Looking in depth at the research one can get a better understanding of the positive healing effects music therapy provides for many different patients health problems. The idea of music as a healing method that could effect health and behavior, began as early has Plato and Aristotle. What we know as music therapy today started after the two world wars, when musicians would go to veterans hospitals and play for the wounded veterans who where suffering from physical and emotional trauma associated with the wars.(American) The patients had noticeable physical and emotional responses to the music which led doctors and other health care professionals to hire musicians to play for their patients. In the 1940’s, three people... ... middle of paper ... ...ontrolled Trial Investigating the Effect of Music Therapy during an Acute Psychotic Episode." Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica 124.5 (2011): 363-71. Print. Mrázová, Marcela, and Peter Celec. "A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials Using Music Therapy for Children." The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 16.10 (2010): 1089-095. Print. Raglio, Alfredo, Daniela Traficante, and Osmano Oasi. "Autism and Music Therapy. Intersubjective Approach and Music Therapy Assessment." Nordic Journal of Music Therapy 20.2 (2011): 123-41. Print. Rylatt, Paula. "The Benefits of Creative Therapy for People with Dementia." Nursing Standard 26.33 (2012): 42-47. Print. Wheeler, Barbara L., and Sylvia Stultz. "Using Typical Infant Development to Inform Music Therapy with Children with Disabilities." Early Childhood Education Journal 35.6 (2008): 585-91. Print.
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