Pornography Vs Pornography

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Like with everything else, pornography is divided into two sides. Feminists who favor pornography argues that “pornography can be liberating for women, as they explore their own sexual desire and pleasure, and take control of their sexuality, helping them to become autonomous members of liberal society” (Module #4, Lecture #9, slide 27), while its counterpart claims “pornography reproduces and reinforces patriarchy and women’s subordination, objectifying women’s bodies outside of their sexuality, denying women their humanity by degrading and dehumanizing them in the acts depicted in pornography” (Module #4, Lecture #9, slide 28). As how it was grouped in the PowerPoint, our writers for this week have also picked their sides.
As a feminist,
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It was interesting how one couple saw the concept of pornography as a stigma and considered to be everywhere, one woman felt porn is degrading and made her feel insecure about herself, while one man stated that he was not able to perform well during real sex because internet porn has vanished its “magic”. Furthermore, several statements such as “porn is harmless”, “if we women want to be naked and be proud of our bodies, what’s the problem? We’re in control, and it’s our choice”, believing in civil freedom by favoring porn, or “only scumbags use pornography”, were also showcased in her book (p. 9). In summary, Paul (2005) encourages the society to reconsider their beliefs about porn, or at least educate themselves about the pornification of American culture, as it affects not just women, but men as…show more content…
She spoke about the societal expectations of how young women should behave or have all the squares in the “hot” woman checklist be checked off in order to be considered desirable. Moreover, she reiterated what we have discussed last week, which was the reason why the society is afraid of sex (or last week’s reproductive issues) is because they are scared of the thought of teenage girls having sex. In the attempts of preventing teenage sex, “the U.S. government is expanding abstinence-only programs to target not just students, but unmarried adults” (Valenti, 2007, p. 27). A lot of the influences regarding this belief were centered on religion, traditional gender roles, patriarchy, and gender subordination. Valenti (2007) did a great job on explaining and trying to extinguish the myths regarding women having sex, therefore increasing awareness that would hopefully eliminate the probability of being victimized by the “sexually lax attitude in pop culture” (p. 40). Like Paul (2005), Valenti believed that even though there is a dangerous risk for being sexual as a woman, it does not mean that it is a bad

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