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What if I told you that in some places there is a mountain that has a hole at the top and

every once in a while it ejects a material that is hundreds of degrees? Crazy right? Well, its

true and its called a Volcano. One question is that how can this happen? A major question

is how can people know when the volcano will erupt? How does this material just eject from

the volcano? Well, if you keep reading, you’ll find out. There were many tragedies

regarding volcanoes like Pompeii, that occurred hundreds of years ago. A volcano is a hill or mountain that has a crater at the top of it and magma seeps

through this vent type crater, sometimes causing drastic damage to the surrounding

civilization and anything in its path. The volcano eruption depends on …show more content…

The temperature of the ejected magma ( Lava ) will depend on the

chemical composition of the lava. Hawaiian lava ( Basalt ) can get up to 1100 degrees

celsius. So if you see this stuff coming after you at a high rate of speed, you might want to

get out of the way.

Hundreds of years ago, in 79 AD, there was a volcano called Mount Vesuvius. This

mountain lied in the Bay of Naples, in Italy. This volcano had previously erupted thousands

of times, but there was a certain eruption that became very famous. The town of Pompeii,

located about 5 miles from the volcano, was a flourishing resort for Romes most wealthy

and popular citizens. The town of pompeii was a very fancy town, having nicely paved

roads and nicely built houses. This town, being only 5 miles from the deadly volcano, was

bound to be remembered as a tragedy. On the eve of this fateful eruption, there was about

20,000 citizens living in Pompeii. On that august day in pompeii, there was an odd looking

smoke cloud in the sky. That cloud was of Mount Vesuvius. The blast sent rocks, fumes of

ash, and scorching hot volcanic gas so high up in the sky that it could be seen from

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