Political Corruption in the United States

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“Corruption, improper and usually unlawful conduct intended to secure a benefit for oneself or another its forms include bribery, extortion, and the misuse of inside information. It exists where there is community indifference or a lack of enforcement policies.”(Encyclopedia Britannica). Today political Corruption in all forms exists in every country in the world. In some countries it is more prominent then in others, but no matter where you go it still occurs. Recently in mid 2013 some political corruption was brought to light in New York. “Since 2007, state senators have been more likely to be arrested then to lose their seats in a general election,” (New York Public Interest Research group). In April of 2013 New York State Assemblyman Eric Stevenson was charged with corruption. Stevenson had been discovered to have taken more then twenty- thousand dollars in bribes in exchange for official acts. These bribes were mainly from four business men trying to use legislature to create a monopoly on their adult day care business. Stevenson had agreed to try to pass a bill that would prevent other centers like theirs from opening in New York. Earlier in that week a New York Senator was arrested and charged for trying to buy his way into the mayoral election. Also around that time five other New York politicians were arrested for accepting more then one hundred thousand dollars in bribes. While that was very recent, political corruption has been around since 1795 and before. One famous case of political corruption, and one of the worst to ever happen in Georgia, happened in 1795, it was called the Yazoo Land Fraud. At that time Georgia's boundary went all the way to the Mississippi River, many of the state's political lead... ... middle of paper ... ... Lyell, Nick. “U.S. Corporations, Politics Getting More Corrupt, Surprising Nobody.” Nation of Change. N.p., 12 July. 2012. Web. 19 Nov. 2015. Milo, Federica. “Italy: the state of corruption.” Risk Advisory. The Risk Advisory Group, 5 Mar, 2013. Web. 19 Nov. 2015. “North Korea.” Heritage. The Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal, n.d. Web. 11 Nov. 2015. “The 10 Most Corrupt and Least Corrupt Countries in the World.” Reuters. U.S. Reuters. 3 Dec. 2013. Web. 19 Nov. 2015. The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica. “Corruption.” Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica Inc, 4/30/2013. Web. 16 Nov. 2015. Transparency International. Transparency International,2013.Web. 20 Nov. 2015. “Watergate Scandal.” U-S-History. N.p. n.d. Web. 9 Nov. 2015. “Yazoo Land Fraud.” Georgia Info. Digital Library of Georgia. n.d. Web. 19 Nov. 2015.
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