Platonic Relationships Essay

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In romantic and platonic relationships, individuals experience different variations of attachment. Previous experiences shape and mold a person’s attachment style into four different categories: secure, preoccupied, fearful and dismissive. Each of these categories illustrates positive or negative emotions of self and positive or negative emotions for others. These attachment styles can be seen in The Office’s Dinner Party episode. In The Office’s Dinner Party episode, Michael Scott invites his fellow co-workers, Jim and Pam to a dinner party. Michael Scott and his girlfriend, Jan, welcome Jim and Pam into their home and give them a tour. Jan’s dominance in the relationship becomes obvious when she shows Jim and Pam her office, workspace and…show more content…
These individuals are self-sufficient and do not need close relationships. This idea can be seen as a tactic to maintain their positive view of themselves and avoid others’ opinions and disapproval. Dismissive individuals place importance on non-personal components of life rather than relationships. They stay clear of attachment, intimacy and self-disclosure. When this type of individual is in a relationship, they tend to not care about maintaining relationships, which can be perceived as callous and uncooperative. They tend to communicate and accommodate less with others and withdraw during conflict. Dismissive individuals like to handle their problems internally and do not seek help from others (Guerrero, K., Andersen, A., Afifi, A., 2013). The Dinner Party episode can illustrate the different attachment styles in relationships. Jim and Pam are the only guest that have a secure attachment style. They both are comfortable in their relationship and communicate effectively. Both Jim and Pam easily show their connection with nonverbals, like touching, smiling and laughing with each other. Also, they are self-sufficient but function as a

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