Phoenix Nights by Peter Kay

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Phoenix Nights by Peter Kay

“Phoenix Nights” is a renowned British comedy that has never failed to

amuse audiences for the last 2 years. Some people may “Phoenix Nights”

is “ an absolute phenomenon”, while others declare it is “ a

unsuitable comedy with no great comedy values”. Whatever your opinion,

there is no denying the tremendous success “Phoenix Nights” has had on

the British Public. Peter Kay has used a variety of different comic

conventions to target an assortment of different audiences, while

accomplishing “Phoenix Nights” as a firm family favourite. Perhaps,

Peter Kay’s success is due to the precise comedy techniques he applies

throughout the comedy, or is it dependent on the age of the audience.

But Will “Phoenix Nights” still be the riveting family comedy in years

to come? And will it still have the same comedy values? Irony is a

recognized example of a comic convention Peter Kay used in phoenix

night to create comedy.

Irony is used quite frequently in phoenix night to produce humour. In

the opening shots subsequent to the club being burnt down, Kenny a

categorized compulsive liar is shown holding a cigarette. This is

ironic as Kenny is holding a cigarette so close to the fire oblivious

to the fact a cigarette was the cause of the fire. This implies to the

audience that although they know the cause of the fire was

consequently due to a cigarette, the characters don’t. This is amusing

as it adds to the idea of the characters being thick and unaware of

whats going on around them. In addition, humour is created as this

enhances Kenny’s stereotype of being a absolute fool and a liar. In

addition, irony is used by Peter K...

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...successful in their own ways.

Overall, “Phoenix Nights” is a humorous, comical comedy with great

comic techniques that amuses many different audiences. Since “Phoenix

Nights” more comedies have started as a result of it e.g. “Max and

Paddy”. Maybe this is due to the popularity of some characters or the

reason that all the other characters had been stretched to the

maximum. In my view peter Kay has used some techniques in a more

clever subtle way to make it amusing, whereas some techniques are used

in a more obvious to make it hilarious. Consequently, I think maybe

some of Peter Kays humour could be exhausted in years to come, in

addition some of his comedy may perhaps insult people the further

Peter Kay makes his comedy politically incorrect or perhps, as a

society, we are becoming boredof this kind of “correctness”.
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