Peyton Farquhar in An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge by Bierce Ambrose

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The Federal soldiers execute orders in “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”, which Ambrose Bierce (Ambrose 551) characterizes Peyton Farquhar’s impending demise as he encounter delusions, exemplifies profound keen senses, and experiences a perplexing fight-or-flight mental cognizance in an escape toward a perceived freedom, and nonetheless, remains a “standing civilian and a student in a hanging” (554). As Peyton Farquhar marches in the center of the line of federate executioners, subsequently, he stands on a plank with a noose around his neck, while the sun shone, the owls screech above, and single piece of driftwood floats by below. Peyton, in hindsight he had no compunction in a conversation with a grey-clad soldier who and asks “the lady” (553) for a drink of water at the gate, and nonetheless condemns Farquhar for interference of an order (553). The ticking of his pocket watch causes fear in his mind, which he is subsequently trying to escape. As his heartbeats in time with his watch, and in that second, he is descending into his own-minds keen senses downward into Owl Creek, wi...
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