Persuasive Speech On Mexican American War

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It is my honor to speak before the House of Representatives and Senate and officially state that Mexico and the United States have signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This treaty ends the Mexican-American War as Mexico has agreed to cede all regions that rightfully belong to the United States of America. The Mexican-American War started in April of 1846 and ended yesterday in February of 1848. I consider the war against Mexico as a conflict that largely benefited the United States. President James Polk and all of my fellow US Congressman were reasonable and justifiable to dictate that Mexico obstructed and interfered with the freedom and rights of the citizens in our beautiful nation, specifically in Texas. The Mexican general, Santa Anna, sent troops to invade one of the Union’s state, Texas, and the act is clearly an attack against the United States. In this speech, I will address to the critics of the war the facts, reasons and my clarifications to justify that the United State’s action to declare war against Mexico was reasonable. First, Mexico did …show more content…

The war prevented a plethora of innocent American deaths that could have occurred in the future. The Mexican-American War was also a test that strengthens the bond between Mexico, our neighbor country, as it helped compromise the border dispute between Mexican and United States’ authority. Most importantly, the Mexican-American war was necessary because it ensures that the people of the United States will stand together and fight for one another. In the events that foreign nations and leaders will come to invade our land and take our freedom and rights, they will be met with a unified nation of citizens who represent freedom, equality and life. I end the Mexican-American War was only an assessment to strengthen the bonds and freedom of the United States of America. Long live

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