Persuasive Speech From The American Dream

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New York, NY. -- Ohio Governor John Kasich drew a stark contrast between himself and his two fellow GOP rivals in an impassioned speech Tuesday morning in Midtown Manhattan." "Two paths," Kasich said, in a prepared speech from the women 's National Republican Club in New York City. "One choice, The path that exploits anger and encourages resentments that turns fear into hatred and divides people. This path solves nothing, demeans our history, weakens our country and cheapens each of us. It has but one beneficiary and that is to the politician who speaks of it." "The other path is the one America has been down before. It is well trod, it is at times steep, but it is solid," Kasich continues. "It is from this higher path that we are offered the greater view where fear turns to hope because we remember to take strength from each other. Uncertainty turns to peace because we reclaim our faith in the American…show more content…
"We don 't have time for on-the-job training. We don 't have time for empty promises," Kasich said. With just one week before New Yorkers head to the polls, the pressure is intensifying with candidates soliciting for votes in various of forums in the Empire State instead of the usual request of campaign funds. Kasich, who is lagging far behind Trump and Cruz in delegates but is polling second in New York, he hopes he can pull some delegates away from the front-runner if Trump fails to garish 50% of the votes in the proportional allocation primary. The small event was seen to garnish headlines for the day but became a shadow when House Speaker Paul Ryan announced he would be holding a press conference to announce once again that he will not be the GOP alternative nominee under any circumstance during the July RNC

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