Persuasive Essay: Why The Death Penalty Is Wrong

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Let the world know if you dislike or support the death penalty! A part of me wants to say the death penalty is wrong, but another says it’s not since they’re the ones that put themselves up to this. There the ones who chose to be the criminal, over time people can also change. In the end I still believe the death penalty is wrong. It’s wrong no one deserves to be killed, even if they did kill others. Especially if the death penalty means a slow and long death it’s very wrong for humans. If the government does still decide the death penalty is a good idea at least make it a fast death where they are injected with something that kills them instantly. In the end no one should have to go through the death penalty, it’s just plain out wrong. Just in a short amount of time people were put to the death penalty “It is believed that at least 23 people were wrongfully executed in the United States during the twentieth century”. So many people have been convicted of a crime that they have not committed. That shows that the death penalty should not be evoked especially if you don’t have enough evidence to back up the story about the criminal. You can end up killing an incident victim in the end. If you kill someone for committing a crime they didn’t commit you would regret It for the rest of your life. The cost of the death penalty is…show more content…
Especially because it can save other victims from being killed by the same person that had been a criminal before such as going to jail and getting out. It will “protect us even if it is clear that occasionally the victim of our official barbarism” saves incident life’s. People say it’s a good idea since any criminal that is put into jail can find a way to get, even just by going to court again and getting the judge to change their mind about how long they are sentenced in their cell. Most likely the criminal can’t escape the jail, but then again it is
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