Persuasive Essay On The Crucible

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I, Elizabeth Proctor, am innocent. I have faced countless ridicule, discrimination, and hatred over an act that was never performed by me, near me, or around me. No one I have ever known has been a witch, and there’s no more of a reason for me to be considered one too. Sure, I have made mistakes in my life, but nothing as to which would be basis for the grounds upon me being accused of witchcraft. This is simply preposterous! I have lived a good Christian life and been god-fearing, what more do you vile accusers expect of me? I have been a good wife to a cheating husband and now will be a mother to one. Even with a delayed hanging until my baby is born, of what good will my child be, being raised without a loving mother? How will my baby be …show more content…

He will simply transform into the character I have been painted to be. So not only will you be murdering an innocent mother, you’ll be harming the future of a young man. How can any of you supposed worshippers of the church be able to live with that. Any person with common sense can see exactly what’s happening: A couple young girls were playing around and experimenting with new information about witchcraft, not knowing it’s implications. As so does any child play around with what he just learned about. In an attempt to cover up their acts, they accused people of the very act they were committing. Can’t you see how all the attention is away from them and on us? It’s simply a tale of a child covering up, taken way out of context and is now being supported by the very judicial system that’s supposed to protect us! This is simply enraging. This situation could have been resolved with the girls receiving a slap on the wrist and a more formal education about our gracious creator. All of this foolishness is unnecessary, and anyone involved in this should easily be able to agree with me on this topic. And now these witchcraft accusations are being abused to acquire more land and more

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