Persuasive Essay On Quiting Alcohol

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Everyday around the world alcoholics attempt to defeat their alcohol vice, only to succumb to addiction once more. Alcohol addiction can plague one’s life, leading to a wide array of negative consequences. When alcoholics do attempt to quit drinking alcohol, they go through various withdrawal symptoms that dramatically complicates the road to sobriety. Quitting alcohol is far from a simple process and will require much initiative and perseverance on behalf of the individual. Although many alcoholics attempt to quit alcohol by simply by going “cold turkey,” there are more steps that people should follow in order to successfully quit drinking alcohol. For those struggling with alcohol abuse, sobriety from alcohol is a difficult process that will prohibitively improve the life of the addict.…show more content…
Coming to terms with the reality of alcohol addiction, enables the individual to begin taking action. Although peers may have already highlighted the problem to the user, he or she is more likely to commit to quitting if they themselves recognize that there is a problem stemming from their alcohol use. Initially, the alcohol user needs to assess his or her situation regarding alcohol abuse. Next, the individual will need to take steps to ensure that he or she can commit to making a change. Furthermore, this step can be hard to accomplish without making your decision clear to family and friends that the individual drinks with. Now that the alcohol user has acknowledged the reality that a substance abuse problem exists, it’s time for the alcohol user to speak with his or her physician for assistance on maintaining a sober

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