Personal Narrative: My Family Vacation In The Dominican Republic

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No single magnet, keychain, or t-shirt can encompass the magic of our family vacation in the Dominican Republic. It was truly a remarkable experience, and one I will never forget. It’s our first day here and I can’t wait to spend my first few hours at the beach. I’m excited for this vacation, the sunny weather, the gorgeous beaches. I’m convinced it will be the best vacation ever. Until now that is. “Irene is coming,” says the hotel employee, “We are in a state of emergency!” “Who is Irene?” I try to ask my parents but get shushed immediately and by the worried expressions on their face I can tell something is wrong. Flashing across the television screen I suddenly realize that Irene is not a ‘who’ but a ‘what’ and that Irene is actually a category three hurricane. Soon I learn that we are stuck because the airport is closed down and my heart starts to race. I look outside the window to see the angry sky weeping and moaning as the wind lashes out at the palm trees. So much for my day at the beach. The day is spent in the lobby huddled with hundreds of other guests trying to make phone call, book tickets, and call their agents. I’m bored to death and my parents have been on phone calls for ages. The wind is still winning like a child crying for its bottle and I am still distraught at the vacation that was supposed to be fun. The vacation that …show more content…

I realized that Irene wasn’t the thief, it was me. I took all the enjoyment from our vacation by being in a dark, sullen mood. We could still have fun, but it wouldn’t be in the way we expected. The storm outside was still raging, but the storm inside of me had cleared. We decided to make to best out of our unfortunate situation. For the next week, we had a vacation full of laughs and memories just like I had wanted. We didn’t need the glorious beach or white sand, to enjoy our vacation. A week went by in the blink of an eye and I almost didn’t want to leave the Dominican

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