Personal Narrative: Deviance and Underage Drinking

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Personal Narrative: Deviance and Underage Drinking I think that I shall attempt to be original on this topic. Just joking. The worst act of deviance that I have taken part in to my recollection was underage drinking. Before I start talking about this particular act of deviance I would like to say that it was a blast and I would gladly do it again. Also I did know this act was one of deviance, I believe most people know what they are doing when they break the law and I particularly did about this act. My parents and I had talked about underage drinking on several occasions and how there would be plenty of time later in my life to party and get drunk. In the beginning I never drank or even really went to any "parties" until I was a junior in high school. So here it is my junior year. It is my first year not playing football in the fall. I wrestled in the winter and played baseball in the spring. This being the first time in my athletic career that I hadn't been involved in a sport that was in season. Being the popular individual that I was the all of the hot girls in school persuaded me to start partying. This was enough for about the first month of class. Then I eventually began to start drinking and doing various other activities that include girls. I never used any illicit drugs or anything like that, but my life pretty much consisted of drinking and having sex. I do not consider having sex a deviant act, but the drinking was illegal so I do consider it a deviant act. Now that the foreground for this act has been laid let me talk about the night that the deviance became known to my parents. It was a cool, breezy, slightly rainy Friday night. I believe it was our fifth football game of the year. It was a hom... ... middle of paper ... ... rejected the means to achieve these goals (we got beer illegally and drank it). This is a perfect example of innovation as it pertains to the anomie theory of deviant behavior. So yet again for a third time, and sociological theory of deviance explains my behavior. In the end all three theories of sociological deviance that I talked about explain the deviant behavior that I was partaking in. I feel that the one that fits the act the most is differential association. The reason that I feel this is that I do not feel that I would have participated in this behavior if it was not for the individuals I was hanging out with at the time. I hope you enjoyed my story and I hope that you are not disappointed that I have not partaken in any more deviant acts. Believe it or not I am one of the good guys. Scary isn't it? Muuuaaahhhhhhhh Bibliography:

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