Personal Experience: My First Day Of High School

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Sitting in the passenger seat of my families’ minivan I nervously wait to pull into the school parking lot. As we turn the corner my legs begin to shake and my palms are getting clammy, this is my first day of high school. All I could do was think about the dramatic change in class size, I am coming from a school where there are only about three hundred kids in the entire school to a school where there are about three thousand kids in the entire school. This would not be as scary of experience except for the fact that the majority of the kids from my middle school went to the high school on the other side of town. My high school was the biggest school in Marion County and was known for its performing arts. I would not have been able to get through my first day of high school without the three levels of…show more content…
I thought to myself that this would be the perfect time to do a high school musical flash mob type of thing. The first half of lunch which people called “Power Hour” I went at looked at all of the clubs that looked interesting. The main one that I knew I was going to become a member of was the FFA. This club was where I could learn all about the agriculture industry and leadership skills that could help me excel in my future careers. This club was where I knew that I would find people with some of the same interest as me. After I finally found the agriculture classroom which was were the club meeting are help, I started to talk to the agriculture teacher. The teachers name was Mrs. Ford she told me all about the multitude of contest and conferences I could do as a member. After talking to her and the chapter president I was ready to join this amazing club where I could make friends the FFA gave me a place in this huge high school. Power hour was almost over so I went to find my best friend that was also going to this
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