Personal Conflict: Personal Experiences Of Domestic Violence

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Although conflicts subsist inevitable, the degree to which individuals react to the conflict stands well-regulated. While some individuals react with negotiations and agreements, others rely on the power of violence and degradation. According to the text, domestic violence reflects “a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner” (Olson, DeFrain, & Skogrand, 2014, p. 427). When contemplating domestic violence, many individual’s minds wander to physical abuse, but domestic abuse subsists far greater, including physical, sexual, emotional, economic, and psychological abuse. In essence, domestic violence reflects any stable, and regulated, behavior dictated on demonstrating superiority and…show more content…
427). These individuals will continue to present these degrading behaviors in an endeavor to separate the playing field in a relationship – power and control. Due to domestic violence’s widespread effects, most individuals either retain, or know an individual who retains, personal experience with domestic violence. In both my personal experience and my mother’s, I preserve three distinct experiences of domestic violence. My first exposure to domestic violence occurred when I was four years old, as my parents reached the breaking point in their marriage. I witnessed physical and emotional abuse in my parent’s marriage as they fought over their three children and their marriage. The physical abuse represents the first, and only, memory I retain of my parents being married. Because I never witnessed my parent’s happily married, it affected my childhood through making me feel as if I must pick a side. I felt that my childhood did not represent a family, but rather a continuous battle over who retained more power over us children and the resources. I deemed relationships as degrading and selfish due to the

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